Can Teenagers Learn Hypnosis?

Published: 07th September 2010
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If you found this article than I assume you're a teenager interested in learning about hypnosis. It's not easy for teenage hypnotists due to many reasons. Some of the biggest reasons include having a limited income to purchase hypnosis trainings such as home study courses as most of the good ones are really expensive. Another reason is your age. Most hypnosis organizations and schools won't train anyone over the age of 18. These two little problems make it very hard for up and coming teenage hypnotists to gain a quality education in hypnosis.

Most of the time teenage hypnotists have to take bits and pieces of free information spread across the internet just to learn some basic information about hypnosis. The truth is that most of that information isn't that accurate or skips major parts of the puzzle.

For the most part being a teenager and interested in hypnosis is not going to be easy, but if you stick with it, keep studying and keep seeking out quality teenage hypnosis training than you should rise above the water that drowns so many young hypnotists careers.

I bet your wondering why I'm writing this article. Well, it's quite simple really as I was also a teenager interested in hypnosis. I got interested in hypnosis around the age of 16, but didn't take it really serious until the age of 18. I was just like you as I wanted to learn about hypnosis, but didn't have access to money, training or people interested in hypnosis. I would search the internet, take books from the library, buy books when possible and just seek out any information on hypnosis that I could. Eventually I got old enough to take live training and took the money I saved up from working after school and started to immerse myself into the world of hypnosis full time.

I ended up buying a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff as well. It took a lot of practice, time, money and effort, but eventually I got to where I wanted to be in terms of hypnosis. During that time I have become quite successful in the world of hypnosis. I run a full time practice that brings me in a little more than $100k a year. I run one of the most popular hypnosis blogs around and train hypnotists all across the county. I don't tell you this to impress you, but to show you that if you hang in there long enough and stay focused your go from just being a teenager interested in hypnosis to a teenage hypnotists and eventually a certified hypnotist.

I'm 27 now so as you can see I have a nice bit of experience under my belt and one of my goals was to always take the knowledge I have learned and share it with others in the hopes that other teenage hypnotists can learn from my mistakes and from my successes. I have been there and done that so think of me as an unofficial mentor of sorts. So now that we got that out of the way I want to share some really great teenage hypnosis training with you.

The key to becoming a good hypnotist is something that most hypnosis training programs don't talk about. The simple truth is anyone can hypnotize someone with some basic knowledge, but how many people can hypnotize people successfully every time and get great results no matter who they work with as a subject.

There is a big difference between hypnotists and master hypnotists and that difference is that master hypnotist know and understand the importance of having a strong hypnosis foundation. What is a hypnosis foundation you ask? A strong hypnosis foundation is understanding certain hypnosis principals, concepts and techniques that lay the groundwork for successfully hypnotizing people.

Teenage Hypnotists always want to know the most advanced techniques, but without having a strong foundation you'll find most of the advanced techniques won't work or put simply, you just won't understand them.

Think about this for a moment, what happens to a house if it has a bad foundation? If a house is built upon a bad foundation than the house will not be as strong as it can be and will eventually have problems and the same is true for hypnosis. You must have a strong foundation if you want to go on to more advanced techniques and concepts.

So what are some of the hypnosis techniques, concepts and skills you need to know and have to build a strong hypnosis foundation:


*Building Rapport

*Understanding the concept of You Are The Expert

*Creating a Effective Hypnotic Pretalk

*Proper Suggestion Formation

*Building Expectation

*Instant and Rapid Inductions & More....

These are just a couple of the skills, concepts and techniques you need to understand and know in order to lay the groundwork to move on to more advanced training. All of these items above are important to know and learn and if I were you I would write them down and start learning about all of them. While going into depth on each one is beyond the scope of this article it's a good place to start your teenage hypnosis training. Understanding these items above will give you that strong foundation you need to move on to bigger and better things.

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